// van mn Engelse blog​So, me and my friends wanted to travel to Anaheim for Star Wars Celebration. But, we figured, why travel all the way across the ocean for Celebration only? Why not add a road trip through the awesome nature of the USA? One week became two, three and ultimately, a whole month all together. So it was decided. We booked a rental car and a couple hotels/motels in advance and made a planning of a global route to travel.

We left end of March and returned just this week. It is impossible to sum up all we did, but we had such a blast. We met people all around the world on – and before – Celebration. We saw some beautiful sights and national parks.

Unplanned, we received an invitation from a friend to visit the Facebook Campus in San Francisco. My friends took a gamble in Vegas and won. We had the greatest Thai Curry ever in a restaurant in Flagstaff, which turned out to be our favorite town of all. We danced on the bar and got shots on the house in Twain Harte.

We saw bears, tortoises, hummingbirds and I encountered a wild deer in a quiet moment in the desert. We ate fast food of course, but found (via Yelp) good restaurants in the neighborhood. Nice hip places with vegetarian options and healthy foodies.

The four of us had a perfect blast and I am so grateful that I got to be part of such a good group of people! Star Wars Celebration was the icing on the cake. We met so many new people, saw some great stuff and received so many sweet gifts! It has always been my dream to have a real roadtrip with friends and this was even better then I had envisioned it!

Am I a little heart broken that it’s over? Most definitely. But at least, we still have many pictures to remember this epic trip by! Pictures can be found @ my Flickr account, here.

Daan used his GoPro to shoot an incredible movie of our road trip. Why we choose Sultans of Swing as a theme song? Because it was the first cool bar we entered and it was playing at that moment, down at a place called “Twain Harte”. Also, we made an oldies road trip music play lists and of course, this song was also featured. So there you go! View it here!


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